Pattern Recognition Group (at NUST)


This research group is one of groups set up by Prof. Yang, the national key subject leader of Pattern Recognition and Intelligent System at Nanjing University of Science and Technolojy (NUST), China. It focuses on pattern recognition, image analysis, and applications in face recogntion, character recognition etc.

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At 10:00, Sept. 26, 20164042Dr. Fadi DornaikaManifold Learning for Visual Data Analysis
At 15:00, Sept. 21, 20164001Dr. Fadi DornaikaFace and face gesture tracking
At 10:00, Aug. 10, 20164042Dr. Philippe XuMultimodal Information Fusion for Scene Understanding
At 09:00, Aug. 10, 20164042Dr. Franck DavoinePedestrian detection at far distance