A runner on the way to tensorial data analysis.

Name: Andong Wang (王安东)
Email: w.a.d@outlook.com antonw@qq.com
Experience: 2008~2012, NJUST| Software Engineering, Bacholar 2012~, NJUST| Pattern Recognition, PHD

Hi, my name is Andong Wang, a fifth-year Phd Candidate majored in Pattern Recognition Theory and Application in NJUST. I was born in Linqu county(临朐县), Shandong Province .

I am supervised by Professor Zhong Jin. I am interested in the intersection of low-rank tensor network and high-dimentional statistics.

Research Experience

2013.1~2015.12 Negative Obstacle Detection for Unmanned Vehicle
2015.6~ Low-rank Tensor Decompostion

Skills(with score level in percentage)

Basic Tensor Algebra 80%
High-dimentional Statistics 60%
Convex Optimization 75%
Coding(C++, Java, C#, Matlab) 85%
Experimental Skills 40%
Stickability 85%

Published Papers

2012.9~2017.1 NO Papers(一文不鸣)

Dratfs(with theory ready, not downloadable)

2015.7~2015.8 Exact Strctral Low-rank Tensor Completion via T-SVD 2016.3~2016.4 Variational Bayesian N-way Partial Least Squares
2016.4~2016.6 Low-rank Tensor Recovery under Heavy-tailed Noise
2016.8~2016.9 Low-rank Tensor Recovery via Overlapped Group Sparse Tucker Core
2016.9~ Mixture Model based Robust Tensor Decomposition:Statistical Performance and Efficient Algorithms
2016.12~ Provable and Scalable Noisy Low-rank Tensor Completion

Five-year Direction

Low-rank Tensor Network & High-dimentional Statistics